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Business Structure

New Technology Takes To The Skies.

Business & Marketing

In participating in an engine program, we negotiate and conclude a joint business agreement with engine OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) around the world, in anticipation of a business and contractual risks which may occur during the more than 40 years-long business period. Discussions and negotiations of various issues arising from daily operations with the OEMs also forms major element of our business and marketing activities, contributing to the smooth execution of the business and eventually improving the position of Japanese aircraft engine industry.

Design & Development

State-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies are required to produce combustors and low-pressure turbine blades for aircraft engines requiring high performance and high reliability. MHIAEL's research and development activity not only focus on such enabling technologies but also further technological challenges for even higher performance and reliability required for future aviation.

Manufacturing & Inspection

MHIAEL is relentlessly challenging high-quality production through utilizing wide-ranging, high level manufacturing technologies, such as the high-speed machining technology (High-Speed Milling, High-Speed Laser drilling) and precise quality inspection to meet customer expectations in manufacturing engine components such as combustors and low-pressure turbine blades. MHIAEL also challenges to achieve high quality, low cost, and on-time delivery through dedicated production line for high working efficiency and visualization of production control.

Engine MRO

MHIAEL supports customer safety and economical aircraft engine operations worldwide through uncompromising quality assurance system and advanced maintenance technology. Utilizing engineering expertise acquired through engine development, MHIAEL also works for further customer satisfaction by developing advanced repair and maintenance technology.

Quality Assurance

MHIAEL is realizing high-quality products and services through obtaining and maintaining international quality management system (JIS Q 9100) and special process certification (Nadcap), as well as maintenance organizational certification from airworthiness authorities worldwide for MRO services.

After Service

We provide after-sales service system such as technical assistance for maintenance in field after delivery of engine and support for preparation of maintenance manual. MHIAEL also works for providing more safety and security to our customers.

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